Sunday, September 19, 2004

Sept. 19 Weekly Bit

Here's this week's Weekly Bit:

This weeks Bit is about the internet...enjoy!

1. How long have you been online? Not today, but in total, how long have you had your computer?
I've been using the internet since about 1998. I started using it at the public library once in a while; then at school, and then finally at home and at college.

2. Do you have many online friends? Have you ever met any in person or spoken to them over the phone?
I have a decent number of online friends, some closer than others. I've never met any of them in person, but I've talked on the phone with a few.

3. What are your favorite things to do while online?
I like to chat to my online buddies, check the news and look at my favorite websites and see if anything is new. I also like to check blogs and (obviously) blog myself.

4. List your favorite websites.
A lot of my favorite sites are on my links to the left, but I'll list some that I go to a lot:
Ladysalana's Livejournal
Karen's blog
and many more!

5. Do you know HTML, Javascripts? Do you create your own webpages and graphics?
Do you have any websites?
I know some basic HTML but not much; just enough to get this blog looking like I want it to. I do have a website on Geocities, but I rarely update it anymore. These days I just use my blog as a webpage.

6. What do you hate about the internet? What annoys you most about it?
I hate getting booted off AOL, that's for sure!! I also get annoyed with people online who feel the need to make personal attacks and hurl insults to just about everyone. Other things that annoy me are people who intentionally use bad grammar (i.e. OmG thAtz SOOOOO KeWlz!!!!!!!!), sites that don't load or load slowly, sites that are never updated (guess I'm guilty there, oops!) and, of course, hackers and people who make viruses!! And, everyone's annoyance, SPAM!!!

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