Monday, September 20, 2004

Today I was looking at a bunch of letters and things that people have sent me over the years. I've saved quite a few of them just out of principle. I think it's a good thing to save this stuff so you can look back and have memories years later. Of course that will be much harder now, because of IM and e-mail and all the other computerized forms of communication. I guess if there's something you want to save you could just print the e-mail.

I'm getting the itch again to buy a new CD. Not now, but when next month comes around. I think I'm seriously addicted! I just love buying new music and the experience of taking the CD home and listening to it for the first time.

I'm doing a SPLENDID job of keeping up with the blog posts, don't you think? I believe I've only missed two days so far in September. One of these days I'm sure I'll run out of things to say again, but I'm going to try to post SOMETHING each day as I have been doing. Aside from letting the world know what I think, blogging has two additional benefits for me: I can look back on the archives and see what I was doing, how I was thinking, what I was buying, etc. for the last two-plus years. Also, it's a daily writing exercise. As a sort-of writer, it's very important for me to keep that up. I may not be writing articles or novels or essays, but at least I'm writing something.

Ok I'll stop ranting now. I hope you all have a good week and keep coming back for more!

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