Monday, September 20, 2004

Yes, More Memes!

I realize I'm overloading the blog with memes lately, but I like them and I like doing them and they give me something to talk about. I've found a new cool meme: Ten for Tuesday! And here is my answers for last week's list:

10 Favorite Computer Programs/Games

1) Yahoo! Messenger
2) Netscape
3) Winamp
4) AOL Instant Messenger
5) Skifree (a skiing game)
6) Bricks (another game)
7) Windows Media Player
8) AVG Anti-Virus
9) Microsoft Word
10) Bowling (a game I have on my machine)

Honorable mention for the fact that it gets me online goes to AOL. I can't include it on the list, however, because of how many times it kicks me OFFline.

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