Monday, August 14, 2006

Groovy, man! It's Woodstock Day at the Monday Music Mambo.

1. If you were old enough to go to the original Woodstock, would you have gone? If you are old enough, did you want to go or did you go? (If you DID go, you better tell us a good story about it).

I really don't think I would have gone. I'm not a huge fan of being in the mud with thousands of other people. As much as I love music, I prefer to listen to it in comfort.

2. Other than Jimi Hendrix, what group or artist would you have absolutely not missed at Woodstock? If you need help, go here.

I would have stayed up to 3 AM to see The Who! That set probably seriously rocked, even if the band hadn't yet written Won't Get Fooled Again.

3. If you were in charge of the lineup of an all new Woodstock, name at least two acts for each day of a three-day event.

First day: Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers and Los Lobos.
Second day: John Mayer and Pearl Jam.
Third day: Dave Matthews Band and The White Stripes

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Jeff said...

1. Hmmmm....At the time I'm not sure I would have gone but now seeing the historical importance of the event I couldn't pass it up. I only live a state away so it's not like it is an incredible hike to get to it.

2. I would have to agree with you, The Who, and after The Who I would have to go with CCR.


Day 1: The Mars Volta and Neil Young
Day 2: Tool and Bob Dylan
Day 3: The White Stripes and Pink Floyd (If they can come together for Live 8 why not for some Peace and Love with Woodstock)