Monday, September 04, 2006

I have the Monday Music Mambo for your reading pleasure. Today is Bright Idea Day:

Tell us your best idea to improve music - it could be a general idea, an idea for a specific genre, or a suggestion for a particular band or artist.

First of all, music could be improved by record companies acting less like companies. The obsession with profit is killing the art of making music.

I'd also recommend that today's artists work on their talent and rely less on studio magic to make their art. You can use computers all you want, but if you can really, truly sing or play, that makes you a real artist.

Today's rock and roll bands have got to get more creative. They need to put the fun back in the music and stop playing like every other band out there. I'm talking here about the younger bands - not the old pros. Although the old pros would do well to remember what lit their fire in the first place when they're back in the studio making new records.

If you want to do a Labor Day question too, tell us who you think is the hardest working band/artist in music today - whatever "hardest working" means to you.

Natalie MacMaster immediately comes to mind. Not only does she tour quite a lot, but she's also raising a child! A very young child, at that. That's more work than most people could accomplish.

Runner-up is BeauSoleil, who never seem to stop touring. I hope they keep it up, and I hope they come back here again soon!

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