Thursday, September 07, 2006

Yesterday, my Gaelic Storm CD finally arrived! It's about time. I purchased their self-titled debut, as I figured that was the best one to get. It's definitely a great album. Every song or set is upbeat and gets your toes tapping.

Gaelic Storm, at least on this album, is a very interesting band because the music is fiddle-dominant. The only other real melodic instruments are mandolin and guitar, and the occasional harmonica. Every other instrument in the mix is rhythmic and percussive in nature. No whistles, no harps, no flutes, and no bagpipes. Just a fiddle playing the main melody and everything else playing rhythm. That's not what you usually hear in Irish music, but then this isn't typical Irish music.

The important thing with Gaelic Storm, though, is not what instruments are used. The important thing is the spirit and attitude that shines through the music, and the attitude in Gaelic Storm's music is fun fun fun! If you want to have fun, buy this album.

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