Friday, September 08, 2006

It's after midnight and I'm not quite in bed yet. I was surfing around on the internet and it hit me - it's now September 8. Today is a very special day, because it's the day I started blogging! It's my blog anniversary again!

I've now blogged on here for four straight years. That's a long time! I usually have something profound to say on this day, but I don't really have much to say this year other than - wow, four years!

Much thanks to everyone who reads my stuff here. I realize I'm not the most exciting blogger, what with all the memes every week. But even those memes can be useful, for they document my opinions, thoughts, loves, hates, and things going on in my life. Each of the answers to the questions shows a little about me on that particular day. I really enjoy looking back at some of them. I think I may do that again later today, in honor of my blog anniversary.

Ok, guess I lied about the profound statement. Not bad for a four-year veteran. I just thought of something else to discuss, however: the FUTURE of my blog.

Blogger, as many of you know, is rolling out a new beta system. I haven't been offered to switch yet and I'm not sure I will when that time comes. I want to let Blogger get all the kinks out before I make any drastic changes. Yes, I could switch to their new system and get all the cool new features, but I'd probably have to pick a new template. I like this template just fine. I've had it for years. If I can keep this one and have their cool new stuff, I'll do that. But you never know, maybe I'll pick a brand new layout to use. I'll have to think about that at a later time.

What won't change are the memes and the occasional rants and various other posts. I'll even keep up the album reviews, provided I remember to do them.

Thanks for reading, everyone! I'll try to make this next blog year just as good as the last four.


Dawn (webmiztris) said...

wow, 4 years - congrats! just to ease your mind, you won't have to change your template when you switch. the switch is completely seamless.

BarBarA (aka Layla) said...

Congrats! I think you are the longest blogger I know. That didn't come out rigth - but you know what I mean.

I swtiched to Beta and have a few probs (like losing my links, I have you back there by the way) but it's not too bad.

I am glad you are here even if I don't always comment!!

Russ said...

Thanks Dawn and Barbara!