Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Music! Books!

My CD-buying plans for this month were drastically changed this morning. I logged into Myspace and saw a bulletin from recording artist Missy Higgins. She's on tour in the U.S., and even cooler than that - her latest album, On A Clear Night, is finally available in the states! It's only for sale at Borders right now, but it's here nonetheless. I was anxiously awaiting any word of a U.S. release of the album, so I went to Borders today and bought it. I've heard it before, on Missy's website, so I know it's good. It's even better than her debut.

While I was at Borders, I killed some time by looking at bargain books (and talking myself out of also buying The Pretenders. I'll save that for next month.) What did I see but the hardcover version of Bob Spitz's Beatles biography, for only $5.99! I didn't need to think twice about getting that. I've heard good things about it, as well as bad things, but I think I'll start with this book and go from there. It's impossible to capture the Beatles' story in just one book, after all.

I wanted to quickly share my excitement at getting these two wonderful products. Now, I'm going to do some studying before I pop Missy's CD in my CD player.

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