Thursday, October 04, 2007

On Another Clear Night

Regarding On A Clear Night by Missy Higgins - well, now that I've listened to it probably four or five times, I'm not really sure what I think about it.

I remember being impressed by the songs when I first heard them earlier in the year, and that's still true for the very-strong first half of the album. Now that I've heard all of the songs multiple times, I get the feeling I enjoy The Sound Of White more. However, that could be because I've heard the songs from that album many, many times. I think the stronger songs on the new album are better than what was offered on The Sound Of White, but the average songs are about the same as her average earlier work. There are fewer pure ballads on this new album, but perhaps some of the beauty of Missy's work lies in her ballads.

Perhaps with time, some of the tracks on the new Missy album will grow on me. They're not bad, mind you, but they aren't speaking to me like songs from her debut did. The last track, "Forgive Me," is one of her best, though. It's so raw and intense. "Steer" is her most catchy single yet, and "Where I Stood" is amazing. "Warm Whispers" is one I'm not liking much, and "The Wrong Girl" doesn't have the catchy melody that I need to enjoy a song.

I can't seem to say quite what I meant, but right now I'll just give some simple grades to Missy's two albums.

The Sound Of White: A-
On A Clear Night: B overall, A for some of the better songs.

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