Thursday, October 04, 2007

Pond Prompts - 10/4/07

Describe the perfect winter day. Tell about an activity you would do on that day.

It has just snowed the night before. I wake up and look out the window, and I can see snow everywhere. The deep green fir trees are blanketed in a fine white powder, and everything is perfectly still. I bundle up and step outside. It's briskly cold, but not freezing. The only sounds I can hear are the birds twittering, the squirrels playing among the treetops, and the deep crunch of my boots against the cold, hard snow.

I spend a few minutes outside, embracing the winter silence and taking in the beauty of everything around me. I bend down and touch the snow. It melts against my lukewarm fingers, and I can clearly feel its gritty, icy, crystallized texture. I walk around a little, feeling the snow crunch underneath me. I take a few deep breaths, letting the cold air fill my lungs and cleanse my senses as only the cold winter air can. I see my breath in front of me, fading into oblivion just a few moments after I exhale.

I take one last look at the silent winter paradise around me, and then I retreat to the comfort of my home. My companion has started a fire in the fireplace, and I come near it to warm my hands. She has prepared some hot cocoa too, and we sit around the fire drinking our warm drinks, enjoying the feel of the cool marshmallows among the hot liquid. We smile warmly at each other as we drink, both knowing that today is special - we can enjoy the beauty of the cold winter day and the warmth of the house and everything in it.

We spend an hour just sitting around, watching the snow start to fall outside the window. We get out of our seats and head to the kitchen, where we proceed to bake some cookies. What kind? Chocolate chip, of course.

After enjoying a fresh, warm cookie, straight from the oven, I head back to the fireplace and read a book. The warmth of the fire calms me, and after a few dozen pages I start to fall into a deep, contented sleep as the snow continues to fall outside.

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