Friday, November 02, 2007

Pond Prompts - 11/2/07

If I had 15 minutes to evacuate my home before it was to be destroyed by a hurricane, what 10 things would I grab (not including people or pets)

Oh, this is so materialistic. I'll give it a shot anyway.

1. My CD Wallet. Ok, so I'd lose the cases, but at least I'd still have the music.
2. My senior year yearbook. I could take all four years' yearbooks, but that's more thing than I want to take.
3. The hockey card of my former NHL-playing relative. It's rare, and signed too!
4. Ok this isn't really *one* thing - all the photographs I have of people in my life. I don't usually put those on Flickr.
5. The picture of me and my buddy Jess.
6. My Wayne Gretzky autobiography. I had a hard time finding another copy, and I don't want to go through that again.
7. My best jacket. That I'll need.
8. A very special box with special things inside. (No, it's not the same box that Justin Timberlake wants you to open. Get your mind out of the gutter!)
9. My USB drive. I can slip it in a pocket, and it has (most) of the stuff I'd need for another computer.
10. My collection of correspondence from Jess.

Obviously, I could have said my computer. But, really, how am I going to get out in 15 minutes?

Also, I realize now that I should put my phone numbers, addresses, etc. on my computer and USB drive. As you can see, I put neither my phone nor my organizer on this list. I can't take everything, and I'd much rather take memories.

I don't think I'd take my iPod. How would I manage it without a computer? If I could add an 11th thing to the list, I'd probably add my portable CD player. But what about batteries? I'm also not taking my camera. I'd rather have photographs than something to take them with.

All the rest of it, I probably wouldn't miss too terribly. Amazingly, I only selected a few books. I can always get more, you know.

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