Friday, December 21, 2007

A Few Of My Favorite Things, Part 2: Personal, Food, Sports and Other Things

Here are some more of the best (and a few of the worst) things about my 2007.

Best moment of 2007: Taking a graduate class at the U of O and earning an A+ grade.

Worst moment of 2007: My mom's boss losing the battle with cancer.

Favorite purchase of 2007: My iPod nano! Now I have music wherever I go.

Favorite movie of 2007: Flawed though it may be, Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World's End was the most entertaining of the very few movies I saw this year.

Favorite meal out of 2007: Fish and chips! I sampled many of the local F&C meals this year, but here are my favorites:

Mo's Halibut and Chips #2

Florence Mo's Halibut and Chips were delicious! At least the fish was; the fries had an off taste. But the halibut was great - warm, firm, and encased in a smooth batter. I enjoyed every bite of that fish!

Newman's Fish and Chips #1

Tied with Mo's is local favorite Newman's. It's run by a fish market, so you know the quality is good. The batter is a cracker-crumb type. Not my favorite, but the fish is good and the fries are yummy. The portion size may be a bit small, but it's just right for me. The cod is good and dependable, but I discovered the hidden secret of this place - the salmon! I don't know if I'll be able to order any other kind of fish there ever again.

Favorite home-cooked meal of 2007: The hamburger meat that came from the very large, rather dead bull that my dad and uncle cut up one weekend in July right here in our kitchen. It was a disgusting sight, and I hid in my room as much as I could, but the resulting meat makes the tastiest burgers I have ever eaten in my 27 years on earth. Seriously. The meat is very high quality, juicy, and smooth as butter. Tasty too. My dad will often make it taste even better by adding bacon to my burgers. How can you turn that down?

Best sports moment of 2007: Local basketball. My old high school, North Eugene, won our first boys' basketball state championship in 30 years and went undefeated too. The University of Oregon mens' team won the Pac-10 championship and also went as far as the elite eight in the NCAA championships. It was a March to remember!

Worst sports moment of 2007: The U of O football team's national title hopes disappearing when quarterback Dennis Dixon got injured. He tore his ACL against Arizona State, hid his true status from all but the coaches, tried to play again in the Arizona game and made the injury worse during that game. It was his last game of the season and his last as a Duck. Oregon lost the next three games, and now we're playing in the Sun Bowl instead of the Rose Bowl or better. Well, it was a fun season until Dennis got hurt!

Tastiest dessert of 2007: The carrot cake my mom made for my dad's birthday. I'd heat a piece in the microwave to make the frosting get all warm and gooey. It was sinful and as good as anything I've ever eaten. Yum!

Stay tuned sometime later for my favorite blog posts of 2007. Tomorrow my year-in-review concludes with my favorite photos of the year. Enjoy!

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