Thursday, December 27, 2007

Pond Prompts - 12/27/07

Who inspires you?

In all ways - my friend Beth. I've never known someone so creative in my whole life. She's constantly working on a project or coming up with a new one. She's full of ideas and makes creativity an important part of her life. That's what I need to do. She encourages my photography, critiques my photos and writing, and keeps me motivated to keep blogging. She's the one who urged me to start a blog in the first place.

Musically - the Afro Celt Sound System. Of course, I don't play any instruments, but they set the standard for what I expect out of my music: How it makes me feel. How it refreshes my mind, body and soul. The quality and attention put into the music by the people who make it. They are, by far, my favorite band.

Photographically - Anyone who does quality work. Anyone who sees things differently. Anyone who creates a photo that makes me stop and really look. The above inspires me to step up and create my own wonderful images. Looking at good photography makes me want to do good photography.

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beth said...

awwwwww! you are the sweetest ever. love you!