Saturday, January 05, 2008

Flickr Fun Saturday - 1/5/08

Today, and next week, I'm going to take a photographic look at one of the most famous cities in the world - New York City. Tonight is dedicated to Manhattan Island, and I'll do the other boroughs next week.

Rockefeller Center.
Traffic circle.
Moment of a lifetime on the Brooklyn Bridge.
Subterranean subway.
Exit and skyline.
Times Square.
Grand Central.

Obviously, I could do this all day. NYC, and Manhattan in particular, is one of the most photographed cities in the world. There are just too many landmarks, too many "must-haves," too many little moments and hidden places. For some reason, Flickr would only give me so many pages of results until it wouldn't go any further. I was planning on looking very deep into the archives, but that wasn't to be. I hope it's a glitch in the system that will get fixed. There are far too many great Manhattan shots that will go unseen otherwise.

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