Monday, January 07, 2008

Oh I Just Don't Know Where To Begin

Today, I gained possession of yet another CD - Armed Forces by Elvis Costello. I might as well buy what I want while it's still available. I don't know when I'll start buying the other Rhino reissues that I need, but I wanted to at least get his third album before I can't find it anymore.

I've listened to most of it, and I really enjoy it so far! What people say is true - this is a shinier, more pop sound than what can be found on This Year's Model. Pop it may be, but it's pop as only Elvis Costello can make. The songs sound great and are, for the most part, very well-crafted. Out of his first four albums, this one is the most accessible and listener-friendly. The rough edges are made smooth, and his vocals are wonderful. He sings on this album!

There don't seem to be too many stand-out tracks on here, except for "Oliver's Army" and "Peace, Love and Understanding." What is outstanding, though, is how well this album works as an album. The whole is better than the individual parts. I can't say that about too many of Costello's earlier albums.

This is another winner from Elvis Costello. Next, I'll have to get either Trust or Imperial Bedroom.

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