Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Perfect Heathcliff

I'm currently re-reading Wuthering Heights, one of my absolute favorites. I've always thought about who would make the perfect Heathcliff in a new movie adaptation of the novel. I've had an image in my mind of just who Heathcliff is, what he looks like, how he sounds, etc. I think I've finally found the perfect candidate.

He has the rugged good looks.

He has the intensity.

He has the vaguely ethnic look, dark hair and all.

He has proven himself capable of playing sadistic so-and-so's, which Heathcliff definitely is.

The one drawback would be his age, but he still looks young enough to pull it off.

May I present for your consideration . . . .

Daniel Day-Lewis

What do you think? Could he do Heathcliff justice? Would you watch Wuthering Heights with this man in the lead role? I know I would.

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jupitersinclair said...

That's definitely a good interpretation of Healthcliff! Yes.