Friday, January 02, 2009

Friday 5 - 1/2/09

Friday 5:

1. What’s a dish you always go back for seconds of, even if you know you’ve had enough?

Definitely lefse. I can never have enough of that.

2. For how many seconds can you hold your breath?

11 seconds.

3. What was the second-best thing about your New Year’s celebration?

Well, I didn't have one. I guess you can count yesterday's Redwings-Blackhawks game at Wrigley Field as celebratory. Second best thing about that was seeing it held at Wrigley Field. Best thing? The Wings won!

4. What was your most recent second-hand purchase?

An hour ago, I received a used copy of Neil Finn's One All album.

5. A second-degree burn on human skin can be identified by the blistering it causes. When did you last suffer a second-degree burn?

I really don't remember. I've had more cuts than burns.

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