Sunday, February 01, 2009

Sunday Scribblings - 2/1/09


I really only have one big regret in my life: my school and career path. If I could do it all over, I would work in high school and possibly college, at least in the summers. I would also choose a different major in college, or perhaps even skip university and do something more constructive in community college. I would make sure that I'm taught the things I need to know to get by, the things they don't teach you in high school. I could have saved so much time if someone told me what life is really like and helped me figure things out.

Of course, chances are I'd be unemployed now even if I'd had a consistent job and experience, but at least I would be in a better position to rebound.

Other than that, I have little use for regrets. I try not to worry about the past too much, because you can't change the past. You can't do anything about it. What you can do is make your present as good as it can be and plan for the future. You move ahead, push forward, and keep going. That's all anyone can do in this world.

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Tumblewords: said...

Excellent post! I guess that's why we need to look occasionally for regrets - to make the path forward a little easier!