Friday, February 20, 2009

Top Five On Friday - 2/20/09

Time for the Top Five!

Top 5 cheapest musical purchases

I'll do this by amount.

$1 - A handful of CDs I picked up when Face The Music went out of business, including Nine Lives by Aerosmith and Baba Yaga by Annbjørg Lien.

$2.50 - Kiko by Los Lobos and Hi! How Are You Today by Ashley MacIsaac. These were bought this summer at a local used disc shop.

$4 - Adore and Pisces Iscariot by Smashing Pumpkins. CD World was having a half-off-the-used-discs sale. Score!

$5 - About 26 albums bought from my friend Jess. The Beatles, Joss Stone, No Doubt, and a bunch more.

Free - everything I've ever received as a gift!

Ok, that doesn't quite count, does it?

$7 and $8 - more used CDs than I care to count.

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