Thursday, April 23, 2009

And now, the Canadian music

My third birthday CD is A Compilation by Natalie MacMaster. It's a 1996 compilation of her first two releases (on cassette at the time). There are reels, strathspeys, quite a few jigs, some hornpipes and clogs, an air, and even a waltz. If you've heard My Roots Are Showing, this is more of the same kind of thing. Good traditional Cape Breton fiddle music. Natalie obviously had talent even as a teen. Some of these tunes I've heard on other albums and songs (it's fun to try to figure out when I first heard one of thse familiar tunes) but there are many that are new to me.

I only need two more CDs and then I have everything Natalie has released (except for her greatest hits, which I obviously won't be needing). It's always nice to hear her do more traditional stuff. Maybe she'll record another traditional album someday.

One more birthday CD to go. Can you feel the anticipation? Come back this afternoon to find out what it is!

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