Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Birthday Dinner

My birthday is tomorrow, but tonight was a better night for my parents, so tonight was my birthday dinner 'out.'

We went to my favorite local place, Hole In The Wall BBQ. To be specific, we went to their new location in Springfield. It's a pretty nice place, a little more formal than the Eugene branch but just as chaotic. This new location even has its own John Wayne poster by the bathrooms.

What did I have? Ribs, of course! My sandwich yesterday was fatty, but these ribs were fatty in a good way. You have to give in and embrace the mess. Then you have to do your best to pull every little bit of meat off those bones. I enjoyed every bite, although I thought there should have been more crusty bits. I like the crusty bits. I also got a double order of fries (very good fries!) and the usual corn muffin. Root beer was my beverage of choice.

Enough words! Here's what you wanted to see:

Ribs 4/22/09 #1

Fries 4/22/09

Hole In The Wall Springfield #1

Ribs 4/22/09 #2

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