Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tuesday Tunes - 6/16/09

No, Tuesday Tunes. I am your father:

What rock n' roll artist would you not mind having as a father.

Paul McCartney. He just seems like such fun. George Harrison would be a good dad, too.

What is your favorite song about a father.

Well, it's not a happy song, but you can't deny the power of "What Will You Say" by Jeff Buckley.

Which rock n' roll dad scares you the most.

He's not exactly rock and roll, but he did have Eddie Van Halen on one of his hits. This person, of course, is Michael Jackson.


Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Yeah, Michael Jackson IS a scary dad!

I think I'd pick Mick Jagger for a dad, he'd be fun.

Russ/rfduck said...

I can't believe I posted this a week before Michael Jackson died. All I can say is that I hope he was a good father.