Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Fill In The Blanks (via NPR Music)

I thought this little survey from NPR Music's Monitor Mix Blog was fun, so I'm filling it out here:

1. I've had to defend my love of ___Elvis Costello____ over the years.

2. As far as I'm concerned, ______The internet_______ nearly ruined music.

3. On of my favorite bass players ever? That's easy: It's _____Bruce Thomas (Elvis Costello and the Attractions)_____.

4. If I could go back in time and dance like crazy, crowd surf or join a mosh pit, I would do that at an _____Afro Celt Sound System______ show.

5. If I were to frame one album cover and put it on my wall, it would be ____London Calling by The Clash_____.

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