Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Tuesday Tunes - 7/7/09

Tuesday Tunes:

This week we will remember Michael Jackson:

Tell us two "good" things you will remember the King Of Pop for.

1) I'll remember him as the biggest music star of my lifetime. He's been famous my entire life, and he was one of the few popular acts that I was aware of as a young child. I knew about a few others, like David Lee Roth, but I always knew about Michael Jackson.

2) Of course, I'll remember him for his wonderful music. I haven't always been a fan, but you can't deny the greatness of "Beat It," "Bad," "Billy Jean" and many of his other songs. No matter what else he did in his life, he created the best-selling album of all time. Beat that.

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The Mistress of the Dark said...

Michael was one of the first artists I was aware of too. He definitely won't be forgotten soon and his music will live on...there's much goodness in his back catalog. I'd rather remember him for that then the scandals that followed him.