Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tuesday Tunes - 7/14/09

New tunes:

Tell us about your favorite new album that has come out this year.

I've only bought a couple albums that are truly brand-new this year, so my favorite musically would have to be Alligator Purse by BeauSoleil. These guys always put together great albums, and this one is no different. It has a bit of a different sound than their other work, but that's OK. New member Mitch Reed really makes his presence known with his thick bass and second fiddle. There are Cajun classics, covers and new tunes to enjoy. The cover art isn't bad either!

Honestly, though, my favorite new-ish album this year actually came out last year: Thirteens by Leona Naess. It's an absolute treat. It's like listening to a dream. It made me realize how much I enjoy her music. I highly recommend it to everyone, even if you're a guy. The album is that good.

Someday soon, I might write an Introductions post about Leona. More people need to know about her.

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Southpaw said...

I'll have to check her out! Have a great week!!