Friday, August 28, 2009

Top Five On Friday - 8/28/09

Fact-filled Top Five:

Top 5 facts about one of your favorite artists.

I'm going to do not one but two lists. The first one is about Afro Celt Sound System:

1) Afro Celt Sound System were featured on the Hotel Rwanda soundtrack.
2) ACSS has members from Ireland, U.K., and several nations in Africa.
3) ACSS has worked with many great vocalists including Robert Plant, Peter Gabriel and Sinead O'Connor.
4) The original keyboard player for ACSS, Jo Bruce, died between the making of their first and second albums. His death was the inspiration behind the song "Release."
5) Some of the many languages featured on ACSS songs include Irish Gaelic, Kinyarwanda, Brazilian Portuguese, English, Malinke, Uzbeki and even Welsh.

And now, five "facts" about Pete Yorn, Chuck Norris-style:

1) Pete Yorn touched this.
2) Some people eat breakfast for dinner. Pete Yorn eats breakfast, lunch and dinner for dinner.
3) Pete Yorn discovered fire.
4) Pete Yorn is not impressed by the Grand Canyon.
5) Pete Yorn is a Terminator sent back in time to destroy us all.