Saturday, September 26, 2009

Flickr Fun Saturday - 9/26/09

This week, in celebration of Flickr's new Gallery feature, I'd like to show five galleries that I think are particularly great.  What are galleries?  They are groups of photos created by Flickr members to highlight the work of others.  It's like curating your own little themed gallery.

What I like about the galleries in general is the ability of Flickr's members to find such creative ways of categorizing what they see.  I can only hope to be as creative in my photo-viewing journeys.

Here are some really nice galleries I've found:

Heaven For Book People
Almost Edible Colour
NYC Across The Commons
Art In The Cemetery

After you've seen those, don't forget to go visit my galleries!  There aren't too many yet, but I think the ones I've made so far are pretty good.

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