Friday, September 25, 2009

Sidewalk Sales and Streets of New York

  • My favorite store, CD World, is having a sidewalk sale this weekend.  Thousands of CDs and LPs are on sale for just $1 each.  Of course, there is a reason they're $1 - most are artists no one has ever heard of.  I would be very surprised if more than a handful of what I saw there has ever sold more than a thousand copies total.  Of course, I had to go there anyway just in case they had a hidden gem or two.  The only thing I found that I'd consider buying is a Pete Townshend CD, but I wasn't that interested.  I saw a couple things in the store that I want, but I didn't want those bad enough today, either.  What I'm going to do is see if I can get the new BeauSoleil live album for a cheaper price than its current $18.99.  They're coming to town next week (and of course I'm going), so CD World will probably have their music on sale.
  • Yesterday I found a very cool website:  NYC Grid.  The author photographs New York City one block at a time and then posts what he finds on this site.  I really like the focus of it.  One city block doesn't seem like much, but the photos on this site show that you can find quite a lot if you just look.  The photos themselves are great, with a wealth of signs, graffiti, details and architecture.  It's a great way to view a city, and I'm very impressed.

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