Thursday, September 17, 2009

Photos, bus passes and reggae

Today, I went to the campuses of the University of Oregon and its neighbor Northwest Christian University for some last-minute summer photography.  I took nearly 200 shots and saved around 65 of them.  Sometimes I love photography, other times it frustrates me.  What frustrates me?  The technical limitations of my camera (it's hard to get a good exposure in the sun without blowing out the sky) and my own limitations (sometimes I just can't translate what I'm seeing into a photograph.  I also wish I was more creative in my photography).  I don't think I took anything spectacular, but I did get some great architecture shots.  I'll post a few when I get them up on Flickr, which may take the whole weekend.

To get to the schools, I took the super-fast EmX bus.  The transit district has recently required fares for the service; before now it was free.  I was skeptical about how they could institute a fare system for that, and I am still wondering how this all works.  There are simply too many people to make it useful to check each person's pass.  No one looked at my pass when I got on the bus both times, so I'm wondering what the purpose is if there's no consequence for not having a pass.  It just makes no sense.  Even with random checks, people can still scam the system.

Ok, big topic jump.  Here's my new favorite song, "Baby Come Back" by UB40 and Pato Banton:

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