Thursday, October 01, 2009

Allons Danser!

Tonight I go to see BeauSoleil in concert for the fourth time.  They're always a great band to see, and I hope they have some good times for us tonight.  It's always exciting to see what songs they'll play and how they'll arrange them.  I know they'll play songs from their latest studio album, Alligator Purse, but I don't know what else they might do.  "Zydeco Gris-Gris" is likely, but maybe they'll change it up this time.

After I get home from the concert, I'll get to listen to my brand new copy of BeauSoleil's new live album Make The Veiller.  There are some previously-not-live-recorded songs on there that I'm excited about.  Also, it comes with a DVD!  Many of the songs on the DVD are not repeats from the CD.  I can't wait to experience it all.  I bought the album/DVD yesterday, but I thought it would be fun to listen to it right after tonight's show when I'm still pumped up about seeing the band.

Let the good times roll!  Laissez les bon temps rouler!

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