Thursday, October 01, 2009

Concert Review: BeauSoleil 10/1/09

It's getting harder to review these BeauSoleil shows.  Each show is great, and the band always does a wonderful job.  Here, they always play at The Shedd.  It would be interesting to see them in a different venue, but I'm OK with seeing them at the Shedd if that's the venue they prefer. 

Once again, the Greatest Cajun Band In The World gave me a night full of fun and joy.  They started with "Reel Cadiens," which I've rarely heard them play.  I'm not even sure which album has it.  It was a great way to start the show.  Next was the wonderful traditional waltz "Jolie Blonde."  It was flawlessly played.  Another highlight from early in the show was the sad "Pa Janvier."  That was my highlight of the night.  Sometimes the band can play so intensely that it takes you breath away, and that happened with "Pa Janvier."  It was amazing. 

They played quite a few numbers from their new album Alligator Purse - "Les Oignons," "Little Darlin'," "Theogene Creole" and a smokin' version of "Carriere Zydeco."  The fiddling on that last song was incredible, with Mitch and Michael both sawing away.  I didn't want it to end, and I wish I could hear and see it again. 

The band also pulled out some songs I've not heard them play live much, if at all.  "Macacque Sur Mon Dos," "Chanson De Cinquante Sous" and "L'Amour Ou La Folie" were just some of the gems we got to hear.  Fan favorites like "Bye Bye Boozoo" and "Varise" were also played.

I had a great time watching BeauSoleil again tonight.  I was very pleased with the song selection, and I thought they all played and sung very well.  Now I'm listening to my new live album they released earlier this year and enjoying them all over again.  It's a good night for Cajun music.

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