Friday, October 02, 2009

Briefs thoughts on Google Wave

People are getting excited about Wave, Google's new all-in-one communication tool.  I'm not going for an invite, because I really have little use for it right now.  I do think it's an interesting product, though.

I'm not sure if Google Wave itself will be as widely used as Google wants it to be.  Not everyone has a Google account, and people won't use it if people they know don't use it too.  I do, however, think that Google Wave will succeed as a model for communication software.  It's open-source, so I can see the Wave format replacing the typical email inbox.  Of course, Waves will have to work between different systems (web, desktop, etc.) but I'm sure that can be accomplished.  In any case, I would expect Yahoo! Mail and Hotmail to become more like Google Wave sometime in the next few years. 

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