Thursday, November 12, 2009

Songs I Like: "You Never Know" by Wilco

I'm going to revive this feature.  There are certainly enough songs in the world to talk about, and my blog needs content.

Today's Song I Like is "You Never Know" by Wilco from their self-titled album.  Normally I'm not a huge fan of Wilco.  I've given them chances, but I just don't get most of their music.  This one, however, I do like.  It's insanely catchy and very well-done.  Every instrument is perfect.  The music is almost hypnotic.  Jeff Tweedy's vocals are passionate and melodic.  The chorus is just one big hook that will get you singing along. 

I especially like the guitars on this song.  After the first chorus, there's an addition of some fuzz guitar to roughen things up a bit, and there's a very good slide solo near the end.  This song has been compared to the work of George Harrison, and I can see the similarities.

Another thing I like is the pounding piano that drives the song forward.  It's just the thing to get you interested and excited about the music.

This is as good as pop gets.  It's a song I can listen to over and over.  I never get sick of it.  Good job, Wilco!

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