Monday, March 22, 2010

Considering a change

I'm wondering if perhaps it's time to re-organize my Firefox bookmarks, delete the ones I really don't read too much, and keep only the ones I want.  Oh, I'd still keep the bookmarks, but I'd store them online instead of on Firefox.  Things like this can easily be done online these days. 

If I do this, I'll probably just keep using Yahoo! Bookmarks.  I think most of my bookmarks are there anyhow.  There's a risk that any online service could be shut down (although I think it's not as likely with something as big as Yahoo!), but it's easy to export your bookmarks from Yahoo!'s service. 

The one downside I can see is that I'd lose the awesome search capabilities built into Firefox.  You can easily search bookmarks right from the URL bar, and you can also easily use the Places manager. 

I'll definitely consider doing this, because my bookmarks are long past getting out of control.  Any thoughts from my readers?  Is this the way to go, or should I stick with using Firefox's bookmarks?

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Wil said...

I use Link-a-go-go ( my URL organizational needs. That way, I have the same links, in the same order and within the same folders mo matter which browser and/or computer I am using. It is a pay service.