Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday Scribblings - 4/18/10


I think wonder is a, well, wonderful thing to have in life.  A sense of wonder can keep you from being too cynical, too tired of life, too bored.  The world is an amazing place, so why shouldn't we regard it with wonder and awe? 

One of the reasons I enjoy watching the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson is that Craig still has that sense of wonder.  He may be a popular TV talk show host, but inside he's still that ten-year-old boy who wants to see cool things and learn more about them.  I love how he enjoys Mythbusters so much.  He's not afraid to call something awesome if he thinks it is.  I appreciate his enthusiasm.  It's refreshing in this world of ultra-serious people who don't like to have fun.

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