Sunday, June 06, 2010

Sunday Scribblings - 6/6/10


Some people can't stand a mess, and others can't seem to clean them up.  Me?  I'm in the middle.  I like things a little untidy, enough to make a room feel lived-in, but not completely messy.  Sometimes I do struggle with messes.  My computer desk is full of junk laying about -- Old cell phones, pieces of paper, knick-knacks and such.  Some of it is useful, though, like a cup full of pens and USB drives or my iPod.

The main problem I have with messes is piles.  I have piles of things, mostly paperwork, magazines, letters and such things, and when those piles get out of hand I start a new pile.  Pretty soon, I have way too many piles.  Sometimes I need to clean the piles, consolidate piles, or just get rid of them altogether.  I suppose piles are my way of organizing the things around me, but it doesn't always work.

Hey, this post has done some good!  It has inspired me to clean my messy piles. 


Bernard S. Jansen said...

Interesting to watch your thought progression, and your sudden inspiration. Watch however, words that have more than one meaning. I'm just thinking "messy piles"...

Wil said...

Get a handle on this now. As you age, the tendency is to become messier as your life becomes more stressful.