Friday, August 13, 2010

Top Five On Friday – 8/13/10

Top Five:

Top 5 albums you would buy right now if you had the money

You mean besides the three Beatles albums I bought on Amazon today?

1)  “Ah Um (Legacy Edition)” by Charles Mingus.  I’m starting to get into jazz, and I’m REALLY liking this guy and this album in particular. 
2)  “Kind of Blue (Legacy Edition)” by Miles Davis.  Another great jazz album to buy.
3)  “Dream Letter” by Tim Buckley.  I usually prefer his son Jeff, but I’m now starting to “get” Tim too.
4)  “Disconnect From Desire” and “Alpinisms” by School of Seven Bells.  Both great albums.
5)  “You Made Me Realize EP” by My Bloody Valentine.  This is extremely hard to find, but extremely great. 

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