Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tuesday Tunes – 8/10/10


Tell us your most played:

Go to your music player/last.fm etc and tell us

Your top 3 artists, songs and albums.

Artists:  The Beatles, BeauSoleil, Elvis Costello.
Songs: “Get Back” by The Beatles; “Glass Onion” by The Beatles; “Don’t Worry Baby” by Los Lobos.  Funny, I don’t remember listening to Glass Onion that much.
Albums: last.fm doesn’t have data for my most played albums, but you can bet the Beatles are somewhere on that list.

Now tell us:
What music player do you use on your computer?

I always use Winamp.  I’ve been using it since my first computer.

Do you own an mp3 player? What kind?

I own a recently-purchased iPod Classic. 

Have you named your mp3 player?

No, I haven’t.  “The Beast” might be a good name for it, though.

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