Saturday, August 12, 2006

Flickr Fun Saturday

This weekend, the Scandinavian Festival in Junction City, Oregon is held as it is every August. In honor of that, I'm choosing some photos from each of the Scandinavian countries.


When I think of Norway, I think of beautiful fjords.
I also think of cute little colorful houses with grassy roofs.
Do you know about the Vikings? They came from places like Norway, and their lives depended on using water for transportation and food.


Sweden can get very cold, yet stay very beautiful.
You can really get lost in a Swedish forest.
Want to be somewhere more civilized than a forest? Try the big city, Stockholm.


The moon shines over Finland.
Like the other Scandinavian countries, Finland has beautiful winters.
What's the one thing most Finnish of all? The sauna, of course!


Unlike the other Scandinavian countries, Denmark is very flat.
Copenhagen, one of the most magnificent cities in Scandinavia, is what dreams are made of.
Children everywhere should be thankful for Denmark, for it is the birthplace of the humble lego block.


Iceland is a very wild place, and very geothermal too.
This is a place of nature, pure and simple.
Iceland allows you to step back in time if you wish. Isolation in the middle of the North Atlantic will do that.

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