Friday, October 12, 2007

Links Links Links - 10/12/07

I have a few interesting bits of news and information for you to look at today:

  • The AV Club has a great interview with "Weird" Al Yankovic. He talks a little about the process he goes through to create parodies, among other topics. It was strange, yet refreshing to read some serious statements from the Weird one, but I guess he can't be funny all the time. The comments are great too - most are nostalgia for all those great Weird Al moments we all grew up with.
  • Do superstars still need record labels? This article from Yahoo! news discusses the topic, and the answer seems to be - they don't need to be signed to a label, but they do need the distribution and promotion a record label can provide.
  • This last piece of news is really exciting for all rock fans. Guitar hero Slash has written his memoirs, which will be published later this month. I may have to buy this one myself, so I can read all the juicy bits about Axl Rose's antics and what it was like to be in Guns 'n Roses.

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