Friday, November 09, 2007

Music fun

I'm really enjoying my new Pretenders album. I made a wise purchase decision! My favorite songs so far are The Phone Call, Tattooed Love Boys, The Wait, Brass In Pocket and Mystery Achievement. From the second disc, I love Cuban Slide, I Can't Control Myself, Stop Your Sobbing (demo) and I Need Somebody. Not all of the second disc songs are great, but there are enough gems on it to make its purchase worthwhile.

I'm also getting back in touch with Winamp and all it can do. They've released a brand new 10th Anniversary edition, and it rocks. The best thing about it, for me, is the new skin. All components of the player are housed in one place. The new skin also has a browser built right in. Navigate to a page with mp3s, and Winamp will allow you to play and download them!

I'm also rediscovering all the cool things Winamp offers for radio and media - the Shoutcast stations, the AOL stations, and even the Spinamp stations. I should use these tools more often!

Winamp is still the coolest media player out there, and probably always will be. Download it at

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