Sunday, November 08, 2009

Tahina Ready For Travel

Frank Taylor, webmaster of Google Earth Blog, and his wife are about to begin an incredible adventure.  They're going to spend the next five years sailing around the world in their boat the Tahina.  That's not all -- they're going to share their adventures with the world through their website The Tahina Expedition.  If everything goes right, they will be sharing GPS tracks, photos, videos and more.  Of course, there will be a regular blog as well.  They have some cool toys to play with including a kite for aerial photography and an underwater video camera.

They hope to leave as soon as possible once the weather in the Atlantic clears up for their initial passage to Bermuda.  They had a lot to do to prepare, and now their trip is about to begin.  Follow their journey on the Tahina Expedition website..    

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